Instagram: Small Company Marketing

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Instagram: Small Company Marketing

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Instagram can often be forgotten within this digital world. However for some small , local companies, it may be the right method for hooking up with potential clients.
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锘縊il and gas explorers Cairn and Faroe secure Norwegian licenses
Edinburgh based Cairn has also completed a farm out agreement for the sale of 10 per cent of its Catcher development in the UK North Sea to Dyas UK.
The deal with Dyas UK is for a carry of Cairn's exploration and development costs up to a cap of $182 million (120 million) effective 1 January 1 2014.
Scottish oil and gas explorers Cairn Energy and Faroe Petroleum have been awarded shares in five production licenses in Norwegian waters close to fields in which they already own an interest.
Graham Stewart, chief executive of Faroe Petroleum, said the company had made "excellent progress" in 2014 and its Norwegian position "is now one of the most significant of any UK independent E company".
Stewart said "despite challenging market conditions", Faroe is forecasting 2015 will be "another year of growth, with an exciting and fully funded drilling programme of low cost, high impact exploration wells".
Faroe has been awarded three new licences in the area surrounding the Company's Pil Bue discoveries in Norwegian Sea and two extensions to existing licences in the Norwegian North Sea.
He added: "With the current low oil price environment, there is much focus on both cost and financial strength.
Faroe said on Thursday it expects to raise its exploration and appraisal capital to around 95 million, up 10 million on 2014.
The company announced earlier in the month it planned to cut headcount by 40 per cent across both full time and contractor roles as it looks to shift its focus on its exploration programme in Senegal, where it made two discoveries last year.
The company still holds a 20 per cent stake in Catcher, which is on track for first oil from 2017.
The company notes in an operational update for the 2014 year to December 31 production will be towards the upper end of guidance at approximately 9,100 barrels of oil per day.
Cairn said as a result of the transaction, its forward capital expenditure to the 2017 year end will be reduced by $380 million (250.6 million).
"Faroe is particularly robust despite low oil prices, due to a combination of factors, including: our significant cash position and substantially undrawn debt facilities; sustained cash flow from Faroe's balanced oil and gas production and, following the sale in 2014 of our interest in Glenlivet, the absence of any substantial development capital commitments in 2015.
Cairn and Faroe were among a number of explorers awarded operator licenses or shares in licenses in 57 license blocks in northern Norway waters in the latest Norwegian 2014 APA licensing round.
"Faroe is well placed to consider capitalising on potentially attractive asset opportunities which may become available in the period ahead."
Cairn Energy subsidiary Capricorn Norge AS was awarded five non operated licenses in the Norwegian 2014 APA Licensing Round, which it said do not "carry firm well commitments and are in locations adjacent to current areas of interest in Norway".

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Well shit this is pretty terrible, what she do then? I not entirely sure, but earlier today she tragically took her life or that what was insinuated from this screenshot on her blog.
Thanks to some detective work, someone figured out that LL deleted most of her prominent social media networks to go radio silent and then hopped on a bunch of sockpuppet twitter accounts to further abuse one of her victims. When LL was uncovered as faking her own suicide (in a manner like Leelah no less), she hopped back on tumblr to squeeze in a couple more posts her reasons and then fled into the void:
锘縄nfamous internet mess fakes suicide after framing Gamergate with Child Porn
Wait, what? It turns out that while the rest of us lived our lives, Laurelai was journeying down some dark roads, like rape, CP, and suicide. Let break it down!!
limit my search to /r/Dramause the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. She was last seen on reddit, and /r/drama at that, over a year ago after some minor drama involving her new writing career.
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The living embodiment of all that is terrible and dramatic, Laurelai, has been rather under the radar in the past year. (Un)fortunately, she hasn been on reddit but she been busy diving her mitts into pretty much everything else. Twitter, tumblr, secret societies and undercover plots.
Thanks to Laurelai unique mix of a complete lack of a moral compass and arrogance, she left a trail that tied her to a honeypot scandal on 8chan:
Laurelai likes to consider herself a social justice advocate, regardless of the paths she has to take to achieve the goal of destroying those opposing her, with her most recent target being the whole of GamerGate. Her relatively recent idea of how to win over the GGers? Host her own CP forum on 8chan, and then as soon as it created, shoot the link to a journalist in Canada to report on how Gamergate knowingly affiliates itself with child pornography.

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Flu is more dangerous than the common cold for children. Each year, flu places a large burden on the health and well being of children and families. An influenza vaccination is the best method for preventing flu and its potentially severe complications in children. If possible, the first dose should be given as soon as vaccine becomes available. The second dose should be given 28 or more days after the first dose. The first dose "primes" the immune system; the second dose provides immune protection. Children who only get one dose but need two doses can have reduced or no protection from a single dose of flu vaccine. Two doses are necessary to protect these children. If your child needs two doses, begin the process early, so that children are protected before influenza starts circulating in your community. Be sure to follow up to get your child a second dose if they need one. It usually takes about two weeks after the second dose for protection to begin.
锘縄nfo for Parents and Parents to be

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I live in the Calgary neighbourhood where a child of five and his grandparents mysteriously disappeared leaving a trail of blood in their home. That was two weeks ago and although police have yet to find them, they are now convinced the trio was murdered.
锘緼 Calgary neighbourhood changed
Garland was released on bail Friday but is believed to have been rearrested early Monday morning and, as of deadline, was expected to be formally charged later in the day.
But she sounded surprisingly strong when she spoke to the crowd.
Meanwhile, the city police and RCMP are searching fields surrounding a farm northeast of Calgary looking for anything that might shed some light on the whereabouts of the Likneses and their grandson. According to police, the farm is home to a of interest they took in for questioning and later charged with a minor offence unrelated to the missing persons investigation.
When something like this happens so close to home it no longer has the remoteness of a news story that you read on a website or watch on television. You know the playground where Nathan would have run around with other kids his age. You walked the same sidewalks and driven the same roads as the Likneses. You know the people who live across the street and around the corner from them.
The Likneses are Jennifer parents; to have her son and her parents disappear at the same time has thrust her into a seemingly endless nightmare.
But I sure feel like I know them now.
This is an inner city neighbourhood that has been in transition for a long time. So there are small older houses tucked amidst sleek new infills. When you stand on the bluff overlooking the Elbow River you have a clear view of the Rocky Mountains to the west. To the north the downtown highrises glitter night and day.
It heart wrenching to stand at a candlelight vigil just outside the community hall where about 500 people gathered last Thursday and see Nathan parents Jennifer and Rod O walking slowly through the crowd, hugging friends and neighbours, having people they don even know tell them they are praying for them every day.
I don personally know Alvin and Kathy Liknes and their towheaded five year old grandson Nathan who was spending the night with them, but I have walked past their blue and white house many times. Until Sunday it was ringed with yellow crime scene tape as police vehicles guarded the front and back entrances 24/7.
Douglas Garland has a criminal past and is the brother of a woman who lives with Alvin Liknes son from a previous marriage.
is what is getting us through . . . your support, your prayers, the food that is being dropped off at our house. Thank you. . . the police will figure this out . . . No one said a word for what seemed like a long time.
But despite being so close to downtown and major traffic arteries it a quiet little pocket of Calgary, a refuge from the hubbub of the city. So it completely unnerving to see police officers conducting house to house searches. And it deeply disturbing to imagine what might have gone on in a house so close to yours.
All these real things that go into creating a neighbourhood become links to three people who are now missing and you can help but feel you need to do something to get them back where they belong.
That why almost every house for blocks around has a green ribbon on the doorknob, or the fence post, or the mailbox. The Parkhill Community Association distributed the ribbons and a note asking everyone to display them as a sign of hope and everyone did.
Police Chief Rick Hanson said Monday that first degree murder charges will be laid in the death of Alvin and Kathy Liknes, and of second degree murder in the death of their grandson Nathan.

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Load The Game had published an article speculating that Sony will reveal the console at E3 this year. The PlayStation 4 Slim is said to feature improved hardware and refined looks, and offer players a better gaming experience. They also reported, "This console is expected to provide a more compact and coordinated design that will mend existing hardware issues, a new SSD drive to replace the standard HDD, in order to allow developers to optimize more easily their latest titles in full 1080p resolution, and other next gen features." Since most people are said store their movies digitally, it is also speculated that Sony will axe the Blu Ray drive for the slim version of the PlayStation 4.
With all the rumors and speculations, these images lend a hand in the matter. With a codename of Monolith, the supposed PlayStation 4 Slim images state that it is confidential material.
VG247it (original source unkown)
Images have appeared online that reveal possible evidence of a PlayStation 4 Slim. A slim model for PlayStation's new console would not be unimaginable, since there is a track record of consoles being slenderized. Plus, rumors have been floating around about a PlayStation 4 coming our way.
Since there is no announcement from Sony about a PlayStation 4 Slim, we have to take it as a rumor, for now. However, either these are the first true leaked images of the system, or the first fake ones.
锘縄mages indicate PlayStation 4 Slim leak
VG247 Italia points out that everything in the images seem to be consistent with what was seen in the transition slim of a generation ago, including the relocation of the trademarks and physical buttons.

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